Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Gabby Giffords Lesson Day

Just a short post today. Cassel did gymnastics for the first time. I did gymastics for the first time -- Since College! WHEE! It was so freaking fun. I love riding lessons. Do not attempt this at home folks. You need a trained professional at your side to set the jumps and yell "Hips back!!!"

Twenty some years after a rumpled face fifty something British riding instructor stamped her feet and told me I was jumping wrong, I finally understand what she was inarticulately shouting at me. I suppose she must have been making some sense if I remember it this long. It's mostly a series of still photos in my head. Of how the other riders jumped and she said now YOU JUMP LIKE THEM NOW. I kind of understood WHAT she wanted me to do, but you can't just tell somebody who's been taking riding lessons for 12 years that everything they know about jumping is WRONG without telling them what's wrong with it. She was right, my jumping basics were wrong. (For jumpers) I need to release the horses mouth, not by pushing my hands and upper body forward, but by pushing my hips back. This, my dear muscles is a lot for your 44 year old selves to relearn and memorize after all these years. But the photo on your left is actual evidence that it can be done, every 12th jump or so. The image on the right here is the jump before the oxer. This is what I'm trying to UNDO.

Here's the videos of the gymanstics Three bounces and a one stride to an oxer. Each element was added one at a time. Every time an element was added, he ducked out the first time. Even though I was kind of expecting it. Great riding there!!


Turn the sound off on this second one. You'll thank  me later. You're welcome!

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  1. You can really see the difference having your hips back makes. Nice!